Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ramadhan C-04-16

5th Sep 2009

A special date for C-04-16...

It has been 2 years since we last had our gathering. It was a sudden idea. Tetibe rasa nak organize majlis buka puasa + melempiaskan rindu dendam dengan derang.
So, saya cepat-cepat sms semua orang untuk menyuarakan hasrat di hati. At first, saya suggest Restoran Sari Ratu but after thinking about it intensely, I've decided to have it at Cozy House Restaurant, Great Eastern Mall. The decision made has been inspired by the astonishing reviews of the bloggers. Lucky me, all of them agrees. So, we met up at 6pm. Some came in a bit later due to the traffic jam. Biasala..KL kan. Bila dah gather camni, aktivitinya...makan-makan and chit-chatting to update everyone with each one's latest update. It ends at 10pm with photo sessions. Tak puas rasanya sebab jumpa kejap je. Rasa cam nak sewa umah, pastu duduk sekali cam dulu-dulu. Teringat, how happening it was...We wish we could get ourselves back to that time. Time jumpa canih, tersentuh hati bila dah start mengungkit kenangan-kenangan kami bersama. Wuwuwu... ;P

We had a great time. Everyone seems so happy and satisfied with the foods. I'm glad that I have made it happened after few trials before this failed. Even though the attendance is not 100% but still most of them turned up except few yang have their own reasons that hinder them from joining us.

Here's the snapshots of that special moments:-

Black Mushroom Chicken chop (rate: 3/5)

Ice Lemon Tea serve in Jar (rate: 4/5)

Banana Split (rate: 5/5)

Prawn with Sambal Petal and Kailan Ikan Masin (rate: 5/5)

Siakap Sweet & Sour (rate: 4/5)

(From left: Hani, Zetty, Marya, Farah, Ju, Linda, Ika)

The bodyguards... (from left: Amri, E.T, Ashraf, Azhar & Taff)