Sunday, January 22, 2012

Felda Residence- Sg Klah, Sungkai-Perak


Happy CNY to those who is celebrating it. May the year of dragon brings more prosperity, happiness and good health~

Ok, back to the highlighted topic in the title- Me and my housemate had a short vacation in Felda Residence, Sg Klah somewhere in December. An awesome place to get rid of the tense in KL :) We spent our weekend there enjoying the hot spring, steam-boating, karaoke-ing, and pampering ourselves at Spa Ville. It is located in rural area...-FELDA! Nearby to Kampung Orang Asli.

Let the pictures portray our vacation:-

The room is very comfortable. Somehow, it's too big for two people.

mini pool in heart shape <3

Water Reflexology

a group of Cod Fish waiting to be fed

private Jacuzzi, quite pricey -insyaAllah we'll be back to try it some other time =)

but...We manage to obtained the permit to went in for photo-shooting session only...YES!

egg boiling area
the big hot spring pool that get its source of heat from underground

The big pool that gets its source of cool water from the mountain spring

Steamboat...RM25/ me, the portion is extremely a lot for two person. It has caused us to lean back on the chair-too struggling to finish them all. We spent more than 1 hour on our steamboat dinner. Duh!

Spa Villa- great massage session we had in here..

Overall,it was a great-short-tension-released vacation! And both of us did had a wonderful time. InsyaAllah, we'll come back here...after all, it will just take 1 hour drive from KL. On our way back, we stop by at a Orang Asli's Durian Stall and enjoyed eating durian.

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